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Curtis J. Wilson's career in professional communications spans four decades, starting as a newspaper reporter and working in radio and television. In the early 70s, he was part of a team in New York City that pioneered the use of videocassettes for corporate communications. In the mid 90s, he led a corporate team that launched and built a presence on the world wide web for a unique, brand new 125-year-old business.

In 1978 Wilson joined AT&T Public Relations to write, direct and produce video programs before quickly moving into other disciplines - speechwriting, employee information, media and analyst relations, branding and marketing communications - over the next 26 years.

Wilson has worked creatively and effectively in a variety of media and many diverse public arenas, especially relating to change: the constant reorganization and eventual breakup the Bell System; the shift to competitive long distance services; the convergence of telecommunications and computing. He has written extensively on these and other topics, both for publication and the podium, having served as speechwriter and consultant to dozens of senior executives at both AT&T and its spinoff, Lucent Technologies.

Speechwriter. A sampling of the keynote speeches he wrote at Lucent encompasses some of the top industry and investor events, including: Supercomm IEC (6-2-03); Yankee Group Telecom Forum (10-21-02); Herbert Wertheim Lecture (4-14-00); National Communications Forum (10-17-00); VoiceCon 2000 (2-8-00); Supercomm IEC (6-8-99); Goldman Sachs Technology Conference (3-2-99); JPMorgan Commns Equipment Conerence (2-23-99); NOW99 Australia (5-17-99); TELEXPO Brazil (3-31-98).

World Wide Web. Wilson served as editorial director of Lucent's public web site from its inception in 1995. He led the effort to conceptualize and develop an information architecture that could present the new company's brand in the most positive light. He wrote or edited most of the corporate content that appeared on www.lucent.com between 1996 and 2004.

Pre-Historic Era. For senior executive clients at AT&T prior to the spin-off of Lucent Technologies, he wrote speeches and created multimedia presentations on topics ranging from business sales and telemarketing to network operations, employee motivaton and quality. With time and shifting technology, he wrote increasingly on networked computing, broadband networking and convergence. Other major writing credits at AT&T included: AT&T Public Service Activity 1988/1989: A Biennial Report (print), New Ways To Reach Your Customers (executive seminars), Your Job & Divestiture (employee meetings), Long Lines Journal (employee video series). Wilson wrote and edited brochures and created custom presentations for marketing communications, investor relations and employee information, and he wrote and directed video and film projects on a wide range of corporate messages.

Prior to AT&T, he worked in video production at Teletape Corporation in NYC where he wrote and directed programs for business clients including Union Carbide and Pepsi Cola. During college he worked for WEXI-FM in Chicago IL, WLXT-TV in Aurora IL and WTHI-TV-AM in Terre Haute IN. He began his career in 1968 at Day Publications, a chain of daily newspapers in the northwest suburbs of Chicago where he covered the police beat and local sports as a bylined reporter and credited photographer.

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