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"As a small child I remember watching sunbeams float through the window and seeing microscopic dances of dust and lint.
I thought that those parties in the light were liquid paintings magically decorating my sleepy world.
They fascinated me endlessly, and have been in my visual world connecting the dots in my work for decades."
Katina Ansen

Katina Ansen was brought up to pay attention to the scenic world around her, from large panoramic skies to miniscule grains of texture, from Van Gogh to Picasso. Her inquisitiveness and talent have been nurtured throughout her life. With her current work, she is building on a lifetime of artistic curiosity and passion for visual experience.

As a toddler, Ansen made sketches in her mother's cookbooks, scribbled on walls, tablecloths and anything else she could find. Her hands were always busy. As a student, she was encouraged by teachers to explore outside the box, try a new angle or approach -- such as her experiment with attaching a broom handle to brushes in order to stand as far away from the canvas as possible.  With the freedom to work without trying to please, yet still receiving strong support and encouragement, her training produced an artist who works with abandon, as well as passion, tenacity and humor, with a resulting prolific output.

In her current work with oils on canvas, Ansen revisits her inner works with fresh eyes, energy and experience.  Rich colors and wild energy reveal her substance and desire to dig deep in the creative burrows of her life.  Her paintings capture moments in a continuum, her way of telling stories, reviewing history and gazing into the future. She says, "Each one is a glimpse into the heartfelt depths of my soul. The flight of that dancing dust and lint has given me a lifetime of living dreams."

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