Graphic design and creative illustrations to enhance any communications project

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Custom mapwork from i&p
Geographic elements can focus your message and add visual interest to a presentation.
i&p specializes in elegant map-based illustrations, quickly customized for use in print, PowerPoint or on the Web.


means using images and pictures to add visual excitement to any message. The ancient Chinese broke the code - the meaning that flows from the right picture or image can express 10,000 words.

Portraits are a specialty at i&p

i&p develops digital images for electronic presentations, web sites, video or print and custom graphics at a reasonable cost. Combine i&p illustration with writing and editorial services and the real value of the i&p approach becomes apparent.

From a quick sketch or some fast photo editing to rendering detailed displays of quantitative information or complex diagrams, i&p offers the experience and resources required to create exactly what you need, when you need it.

Everyone needs a good picture now and then. Next time, see what I can come up with. Contact Curtis Wilson at i&p

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