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Communications consulting is the heart of i&p. Services include communications analysis, objective-setting, planning, media selection, message development, program production. All i&p engagements are conducted in the realm of ideas and principles; all services are rendered from the perspective of the writer/editor and with an uncompromising commitment to quality and effectivenenss.

Writing and Editorial
Professional writing and sharp editing are the centerpiece of all i&p service offerings. Freelance writing services including speeches, presentations, scripts, articles, web and brochure copy, reports, etc. Proven track record of turning copy around on the client's schedule without sacrificing quality.
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Pictures and Illustration The power of imagery combined with digital production skills makes i&p a valuable resource for any communications project where ideas can be shown as well as spoken. Building on over 30 years of experience in photography, film, video and digital imaging, I offer custom creative services tailored to individual requirements, without the overhead of a large agency.
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Computer based presentation From a standard deck prepared with PowerPoint presentation software, to interactive multimedia productions, i&p has the latest tools and skills to create the digital content you require, whether projected, on-screen or print.
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Web design and online media  Like any information medium, communicating effectively on the world wide web requires keeping the focus on the underlying ideas while dealing with somtimes confusing technical challenges. I can put a decade's online experience to work for you from overall website development to specific web projects. > more

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