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about i&p
As a consulting practice devoted to ideas, i&p operates as a boutique, stressing high creativity, low overhead and blinding speed.

i&p serves leaders in business and public organizations who need to communicate effectively, and provides consulting to public relations, marketing and communications professionals.
Meet Curtis J. Wilson
Few things bring me greater satisfaction than being able to help someone who has a terrific opportunity to communicate do so in a measurably effective way. I offer my skills as a writer, editor and visual designer to help people with terrific opportunities hit home runs. With my help and preparation, you deliver the most important messages and achieve the most critical objectives.

Please browse i&p to get a sense of what I am all about and how I communicate. Judge for yourself what I'm capable of accomplishing for my clients.

If there's anything coming up I can help you to accomplish, whether it's a speech or a script, web or brochure copy or design, slides, charts, graphics, whatever -- let's talk. Maybe a little i&p is just what you need. Contact Curtis Wilson at i&p

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